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Lisa Harrison

Lisa is a Senior Learning and Design Consultant with The Maura Fay Group. She combines high level technical skills with leadership and change management expertise to create an approach to learning that is highly energising and effective across all aspects of a business. Her expertise in training delivery and instructional design has been developed over many years through a variety of L&D projects, including end-to-end learning solutions, corporate and vocational learning, via blended, face-to-face and technology platforms. Her approach to learning is client-focussed, active participation learning, and facilitation based, underpinned with a deep understanding of adult learning and the psychology of motivation and engagement.
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20 top tips to present like a gold-medal winning athlete

Posted by Lisa Harrison on 16/08/16 15:08

With the Olympics and Paralympics keeping so many of us awake and excited in the wee hours, I got to thinking that we can draw a lot of parallels between Olympic sports and public speaking. Getting up to deliver a presentation can feel like you are standing on the blocks of the pool, and the crowd of 40 can like 40,000 through our fearful eyes. Certainly for many of us, the adrenaline rush before we go on stage can feel approximately equal to the level you might experience before a high dive.

So what tips we can learn from these first class athletes who perform on the world stage, to make our experiences of public speaking a success on any stage?

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Topics: presentation skills, public speaking, Communication skills, Effective Communication

The ABC of resilience and learned optimism

Posted by Lisa Harrison on 26/11/15 12:23

Why is it that when different people are faced with exactly the same circumstances some thrive, some coast, and some drown?

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Topics: learned optimism, positive self talk, Resilience

How to measure ROI of a training program

Posted by Lisa Harrison on 28/10/15 09:06

When I think about measuring Return on Investment (ROI) of a training program, my brain lodges a protest. I agree that we need to measure the benefits of training - I just don’t agree that ROI is an appropriate measure to use. ROI is far too simple to cope with the complexity of professional development and performance management.

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Topics: Return on Investment of Training, Measuring benefits of learning, Learning and Development, Professional Development, Strategy

Why conflict is like eating carrots

Posted by Lisa Harrison on 16/10/15 07:30

At the risk of sounding like Pollyanna (or Candide), in the world of my dreams there would be no conflict.

How different would the workplace be?

We would all link hands in a circle and sing songs of joy at the sense of wonderment that our goals and approaches are perfectly aligned to each other.

The sun would shine, the birds would sing and the bunnies would hop about happily in the fields. My work environment would be super-harmonious: brimming with positive energy and enthusiasm.

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Topics: management, development, collaboration, stakeholder management, conflict, team

What is effective coaching?

Posted by Lisa Harrison on 18/09/15 12:45

The term coaching is very popular in management and leadership conversations, and is used widely for a variety of meanings. I should say used and misused.

In fact, coaching means many different things to many different people. I thought it would be useful to try to pin down the definition, and to identify the actual skills and behaviours that make for successful coaching in a workplace setting.

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Topics: opinion, management, performance management, coaching

In defence of the performance review

Posted by Lisa Harrison on 08/09/15 14:48

Performance reviews have been getting some seriously bad press lately with GE the next high profile company to recently announce dropping the performance review cycle.

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Topics: opinion, management, listening, feedback, performance reviews, coaching

All I know about negotiating I learnt from living with teenagers

Posted by Lisa Harrison on 24/06/15 07:00

I am not a natural negotiator. I may be asking for trouble by admitting this to the universe, but I don’t have the competitive streak that so many of my other parties are bringing to the table. I don’t enjoy the process of negotiating, and I don’t like the risk that it could cause damage to the ongoing relationship between negotiators.

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Topics: opinion

5 Fundamental Customer-Service Principles to Enhance Your Work Relationships

Posted by Lisa Harrison on 26/03/15 10:45

Customer service is a well-known and widely-trained skill, and a crucial competency for successfully meeting the needs and expectations of the new millennium consumer. Organisations recognise the need for exceptional customer service and spend time, money and energy in providing customer service training. Experience has shown that training the customer-facing staff alone is no magic cure. A customer-service approach to all interactions and communication skills training in an organisation is an influential foundation that supports successful customer service at the front-line.

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Topics: opinion