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The value of feedback and coaching conversations

Posted by Nina Mostafa on 21/07/16 16:29

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk said: “I think it’s important to have a feedback loop, where you’re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better.”

The beauty of human behaviour is that we are constantly learning. No matter how old we are, or how advanced we think we are, we never actually stop learning. And feedback and coaching conversations are a way in which we can learn. After all, how else are we meant to know if we’ve done something wrong or right and then learn or evolve from it?

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Six dysfunctional conversation habits to avoid

Posted by Nina Mostafa on 29/06/16 13:49

Have you ever been in a conversation where no matter what you did, you struggled to engage with the other person?

What was it that they did? Or didn’t do?

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How to manage challenging stakeholder conversations

Posted by Nina Mostafa on 11/05/16 16:04

In a perfect world, all our stakeholder and client conversations would go according to plan and we would emerge with perfectly desired outcomes for both parties. And both parties would come out of the conversation stronger for it, with big smiles, skipping together through a field under a rainbow-enhanced sky.

And yes, pink elephants would fly.

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Benefits of having effective communication skills

Posted by Maura Fay Learning on 28/04/16 07:30


“Communication is the most important skill any leader can possess.” So says billionaire Richard Branson, who believes that communication is the skill that will set you apart from the crowd.

Indeed, Branson can certainly form alliances with the many business leaders and entrepreneurs who credit effective communication skills for much of their success. He joins the ranks of Warren Buffet, who believes that effective communication will instantly raise a person’s professional value.

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Managing nerves in feedback conversations

Posted by Nina Mostafa on 21/04/16 15:25

Let’s face it. There are aspects about our jobs that we love and then there are aspects about our jobs that we don’t. Any job. Things we look forward to. And things we don’t.

Like feedback conversations. Nobody looks forward to those. Whether you’re a manager, leader, or coach who has to deliver the feedback, or the one who is on the receiving end.

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Virtual learning versus classroom learning

Posted by Nina Mostafa on 23/03/16 09:04

Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends 2016 identified that “… the ubiquity of always-connected mobile devices makes learning potentially available everywhere and accessible to everyone at any time. Employees can now take a course on nearly any subject online, search for an expert video or podcast to learn a quickly needed skill, and even earn a college degree in a new topic like data science without leaving their desk—or a couch or coffee shop. This new world of consumer-centric learning puts employees, not L&D departments, in charge.”

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Three ways to improve your presentation before you even face your audience

Posted by Nina Mostafa on 19/02/16 11:49

Have you ever been to a presentation and left the room with such a positive first impression that even after they have finished the presentation, you want to continue to connect with them, meet them or do business with them? Why do you suppose that is?

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How to use visual aids as an effective presentation tool

Posted by Nina Mostafa on 21/01/16 12:06

Did you know that using visual aids in your presentation makes you 43% more persuasive than if you presented without visual aids?

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The winning triad to be an influential speaker

Posted by Nina Mostafa on 16/12/15 11:12

If you’ve ever watched Barack Obama’s Presidential Acceptance Speech of November 2008, you’ll understand how the power of emotions, combined with a good script and the art of executing the delivery work in tandem to engage and rapture the audience so that they hang onto the speaker’s every word. When giving an influential speech, it’s a winning triad of elements that work beautifully together.

So let’s look at each.
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The ABC of resilience and learned optimism

Posted by Lisa Harrison on 26/11/15 12:23

Why is it that when different people are faced with exactly the same circumstances some thrive, some coast, and some drown?

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Topics: learned optimism, positive self talk, Resilience