'Elevating the Experience'

How mindfulness builds a strong leadership presence

Posted by Nina Mostafa on 29/11/16 15:50


According to research conducted by Harvard University, about 47 percent of us spend our waking hours thinking about something other than what we’re doing. What this means is that we are not present or conscious in the moment to fully listen, connect and engage with events, opportunity and people around us; all vital elements to being an effective leader.

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The winning triad to be an influential speaker

Posted by Nina Mostafa on 16/12/15 11:12

If you’ve ever watched Barack Obama’s Presidential Acceptance Speech of November 2008, you’ll understand how the power of emotions, combined with a good script and the art of executing the delivery work in tandem to engage and rapture the audience so that they hang onto the speaker’s every word. When giving an influential speech, it’s a winning triad of elements that work beautifully together.

So let’s look at each.
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Tips to maximise your networking events

Posted by Nina Mostafa on 05/11/15 15:32

We’re coming to the end of another year and as we approach the last quarter, it’s about this time that companies send out the invitations to Christmas parties and other end-of-year events. So as we start to celebrate the year gone and think about the fun we can have, we should also consider the strategic aspect and provide you with networking event tips.

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