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The human side of negotiation

Posted by Nina Mostafa on 01/03/17 10:00

How often do you think you use negotiation skills? We may not realise it but negotiation is a big part of our daily life. We negotiate various factors in our roles at work, from project timelines to resources, to parameters for our performance indicators or salaries, and even in our personal lives, with conflicting opinions, or even something as simple as where to dine. Negotiation is about reaching an agreement where both parties walk away with mutually acceptable terms. The ability to get what we want is only enhanced by our ability to negotiate effectively.

The word ‘negotiation’ has copped a bad reputation. Oftentimes, we associate the act with competition or confrontation or believe that only an all-or-nothing approach can win; the word ‘win’ supporting the act of competing.

But what if we take the notion of competing out of the equation and approach a negotiation in a more fair way?

After all, the reason you’re getting into a negotiation in the first place is either because one party wants something from another, or that both parties want something from each other. Once you each establish what is important and unimportant to each, the negotiations can begin. The questions that each person needs to ask is ‘What do I want from you?’ and ‘What can I give you in return?’

But how to do this? How exactly do you start asking those questions without sounding contentious? Let’s explore.

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Three building blocks for effective influencing conversations

Posted by Nina Mostafa on 01/09/16 14:06

 Consider someone you know who is an influencer or who has, what you believe to be, effective influencing skills. What is it about them that gets you interested, motivated, or even inspired? Are they passionate and dynamic? Perhaps. Confident? Most definitely. Knowledgeable? Certainly.

Are they a leader?

Not necessarily.

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How to influence stakeholders to achieve business outcomes

Posted by Sarah Downey on 28/05/15 07:30

One of the key aspects of my role as a project manager is to gain buy-in and influence stakeholders to support strategic business projects. Knowing where to start and how to approach others in order to receive a favourable response can be daunting, especially when current resources are already stretched too thin.

How do you gain and maintain support for your project or plan for change within an organisation when you don’t have authority?

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