'Elevating the Experience'

20 top tips to present like a gold-medal winning athlete

Posted by Lisa Harrison on 16/08/16 15:08

With the Olympics and Paralympics keeping so many of us awake and excited in the wee hours, I got to thinking that we can draw a lot of parallels between Olympic sports and public speaking. Getting up to deliver a presentation can feel like you are standing on the blocks of the pool, and the crowd of 40 can like 40,000 through our fearful eyes. Certainly for many of us, the adrenaline rush before we go on stage can feel approximately equal to the level you might experience before a high dive.

So what tips we can learn from these first class athletes who perform on the world stage, to make our experiences of public speaking a success on any stage?

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Three ways to improve your presentation before you even face your audience

Posted by Nina Mostafa on 19/02/16 11:49

Have you ever been to a presentation and left the room with such a positive first impression that even after they have finished the presentation, you want to continue to connect with them, meet them or do business with them? Why do you suppose that is?

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The winning triad to be an influential speaker

Posted by Nina Mostafa on 16/12/15 11:12

If you’ve ever watched Barack Obama’s Presidential Acceptance Speech of November 2008, you’ll understand how the power of emotions, combined with a good script and the art of executing the delivery work in tandem to engage and rapture the audience so that they hang onto the speaker’s every word. When giving an influential speech, it’s a winning triad of elements that work beautifully together.

So let’s look at each.
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Be bigger than the bear: how to tame your body language

Posted by Nina Mostafa on 06/10/15 15:46

There’s something about public speaking or standing in front of a room full of faces looking eagerly up at you for that first word about to be uttered from your mouth that sends your mind into a tailspin. As if you hold the key to the secrets of the world.

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