'Elevating the Experience'

How to manage challenging stakeholder conversations

Posted by Nina Mostafa on 11/05/16 16:04

In a perfect world, all our stakeholder and client conversations would go according to plan and we would emerge with perfectly desired outcomes for both parties. And both parties would come out of the conversation stronger for it, with big smiles, skipping together through a field under a rainbow-enhanced sky.

And yes, pink elephants would fly.

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Topics: stakeholder management, challenging conversations, conflict resolution, building rapport

Why conflict is like eating carrots

Posted by Lisa Harrison on 16/10/15 07:30

At the risk of sounding like Pollyanna (or Candide), in the world of my dreams there would be no conflict.

How different would the workplace be?

We would all link hands in a circle and sing songs of joy at the sense of wonderment that our goals and approaches are perfectly aligned to each other.

The sun would shine, the birds would sing and the bunnies would hop about happily in the fields. My work environment would be super-harmonious: brimming with positive energy and enthusiasm.

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Topics: management, development, collaboration, stakeholder management, conflict, team

How to influence stakeholders to achieve business outcomes

Posted by Sarah Downey on 28/05/15 07:30

One of the key aspects of my role as a project manager is to gain buy-in and influence stakeholders to support strategic business projects. Knowing where to start and how to approach others in order to receive a favourable response can be daunting, especially when current resources are already stretched too thin.

How do you gain and maintain support for your project or plan for change within an organisation when you don’t have authority?

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Topics: opinion, stakeholder management, Effective Communication, Influencing skills, project management